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arrest recordsIf you have already obtained arrest records, warrant records are likely the next step in confirming or debunking your suspicions of a person. They sound the same – arrest records and warrant records – but there is actually a defining line between the two types of records.

Arrest records, on one hand, provide information in detail about any uncleared valid arrests a person has been involved in to date. With an arrest record, you will find out the existence of any arrests, when they occurred, and additional information about the arrest itself. However, this sometimes might not uncover the entire story.

The power of a warrant search is in its ability to check for arrests that have yet to take place. It is possible, though not probable, that a person could be running from the law, and their involvement with you would only pull you into the situation. Even more, they could pose a dangerous risk. The added security of a warrant search can be worth considering if you have the slightest suspicions of an employee or prospective employee. And this is only one of many circumstances in which a warrant search is useful.

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Warrant records, if existing, will show that a person currently involved in some sort of crime with a warrant attached. In each state, the court makes any active warrants a person has available publicly. Not only can these records be used to confirm suspicions, such as those of an employer, they can also be of importance to the person themselves if they have reason to believe a warrant might be active in their name. Knowledge of this information can be helpful in protecting their own legal interests. When a warrant record is obtained, it may or may not show the actual document.

What is a Warrant?

Before embarking on your search, you should understand exactly what a warrant is. A warrant is a document given by the court that orders legal actions to be taken on a person –– namely that the individual be either searched or arrested. After a warrant has been filed and made active, it means that officials are currently in the process of pursuing the person to take action.

How to Get Started?

At PeopleRecords.com, the database of public records allows you to search and locate active and accessible warrants from courts in the United States. To check and see if records of a warrant can be found in our database, you can proceed below to get started with a simple click. In order to find any information successfully, you’ll also need to have certain details about the person with warrant records in question –– first and last name, address, city, state, birth date, and possibly additional information to confirm validity of your search.

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