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The facts and information registered and filed about a person or an organization by the state or federal governments are known as public records. The state and federal governments both create and preserve records like marriage and divorce records, birth records, death records, criminal records, voter registration, real estate records, immigration records and government files. There are times when you need to get information about things you do not know. These records can be a major source of information from the government. You can get information about yourself or another person with the help of these records.

US citizens have been given the right to get access to public records by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Public records can be obtained either at no cost or by paying a small administrative fee and by submitting an application to the associated government bodies. Each government agency or organization has some control over what information can be released and how it can be accessed.
Each US State, including Ohio, has its own version of the FOIA. In addition, each state government agency preserves and manages its own public records. By submitting an application one can get access to the public records with the associated government body. It takes a little time, and you will need patience. Many requests must be submitted to individual counties in the State. In the past, public records were preserved manually and in files. Every time there was a requisition letter for getting information, either a replica of these files would be sent to them or they had to be retrieved in person from the county office or the government body.

With the dawn of the computer and internet age, the storage of information has become easy. The facts these days are digitized and available with the click of a mouse. There are many private web portals which now offer their large databases of records available for looking for your vital information. You may be required to pay a small fee for searching in their sites. It can be a very difficult task to choose the best website for you from a huge list of websites. It is suggested you learn about the website before paying a fee for your search. Our website offers a very inclusive search of the public records of Ohio. You can obtain required information by providing your name, age and city, and the search engine will provide you with exact information.

An online search of various counties of Ohio can be carried out. Popular county searches in Ohio:
Butler, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Mahoning, Montgomery, Stark, Summit, Trumbull.

Ohio Birth Records
Ohio Divorce Records
Ohio Criminal Records
Ohio Court Records
Ohio Public Records
Ohio Marriage Records

Among our records following cities may be found:

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Ohio News
Stateline.org provides a daily state-by-state summary of selected news stories, as well as some general information about the state and a handful of selected other links.

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Ohio Homepage
Ohio.gov provides access to official information about the State of Ohio.  You’ll find information related to living in Ohio, employment, tourism, business resources, and more.

Selected State Agencies

Attorney General
Budget and Management
Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)
Public Utilities Commission
Secretary of State
Veterans Services

Ohio Employee Telephone Directory
Ohio offers and online phone search website. You can search by employee name or by agency.

Ohio Legislature
From the Ohio General Assembly website you’ll be able to access the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate websites, find laws and other legislative information, access legislative reports, and more.

Ohio House of Representatives

Vern Riffe Center
77 South High Street, 10th – 14th Floors
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Clerk of the House: 614-466-3357

Ohio Senate

The Statehouse
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4210
Clerk of the Senate: 614-466-4900

Ohio Courts & Judiciary System
Ohio’s State judicial system consists of the Ohio Supreme Court, the Courts of Common Pleas (trial courts), and District Courts of Appeal, as well as County Courts.

Ohio Supreme Court

65 South Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Ohio Public Records

Access to Ohio’s public records is governed by Ohio Revised Code 149.43. While some agencies may have a central repository for all of its records, for others you must contact each department within the agency separately for access to their records.

Vital Records
Ohio’s Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics maintains copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce records.  Copies can be obtained from the main office or from city or county health department offices.

Ohio Department of Health

Vital Statistics
225 Neilston Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-466-2531

Ohio Unclaimed Property
Ohio’s Commerce Department Division of Unclaimed Funds provides a website where individuals may request their unclaimed financial property.

The Ohio Department of Commerce

Division of Unclaimed Funds
77 South High Street, 20th Floor
Columbus, Ohio  43215-6108

Ohio County Records
As with all states, many public records can be or must be accessed at the county level.  Unfortunately there is no one place to look.  However the county websites can provide a place to start.

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