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Under U.S. federal law the public has a general right to access information maintained by the government except for certain exemptions like information that compromises an individual’s privacy or safety and information related to national security. This is maintained by Federal Law with a motto of fair governance and is provided for by the FOIA or Freedom of Information Act. Under FOIA public records, which include information on an individual processed by a local, district, federal or any other government agency, are available for public scrutiny. However each state has its own version of FOIA and the degree of availability of information to the public varies. For example in New York public information is fairly available while in Pennsylvania one can access the public records only if one can prove that there is a justifiable reason for doing so. Accessing the public profiles can be very necessary sometimes. A school may have to run a check on an individual for criminal or child abuse histories or on the driving records of a driver before offering employment. Public records also prevent identity theft and are good ways of tracking government benefits for individuals. Previously public records were manually typed and stored in files. Generally they were retrieved after a written application was made. The electronic age and internet has changed the public records scenario drastically. These days the records are stored and maintained electronically and most states provide for electronic retrieval of the records via the internet. This has led to various sites offering to search the information for a fee. They collect and compile records which can be searched by name, location and the government agency or department involved in maintaining the records, to create complete public profiles of individuals. Now people can easily find such information with very little time spent. With thousands of such sites available it is difficult to choose one that is really good. Some sites may charge a fee but offer only information that is easily available to you. Make sure the sites offer what you need.

The state of Illinois has an open policy regarding the availability of public records to the general public. With the exception of facts that can compromise an individual’s privacy, safety or security, information related to national security and defense, and certain other information related to the functioning of the judiciary and some other government bodies, the public can access all information and public records.

There are a huge number of sites available that provide information on public records for a fee. It is difficult to pinpoint a site that is authentic and provides quality information. It is very necessary to exercise all caution while searching for public records on the internet. Many sites and software give out only partial information or information that is easily or freely available and sometimes merely redirects to free resources. Our site offers tools to help you find exact and adequate information in a short a time through our efficient search engines, based on effective keywords.

Popular county searches in Illinois include:
Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, Kane, Winnebago, McHenry, Madison, St. Clair and Sangamon.

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Among our records following cities may be found:
North Peoria

More about Illinois

Illinois News provides a daily state-by-state summary of selected news stories, as well as some general information about the state and a handful of selected other links.

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Illinois Homepage
As with most state websites, provides easy access to state agencies, boards, and commissions, as well as much other information about the State for residents, visitors, businesses, and more.

Selected State Agencies:

Aging, Department on
Agriculture, Department of

Children and Family Services, Department of

Comptroller, Office of the
Corrections, Department of

Employment Security, Department of

Financial and Professional Regulation, Department of

Healthcare and Family Services – Formerly known as Public Aid, Dept. of
Human Rights, Department of

Human Services, Department of
Insurance Department of

Labor, Department of
Management and Budget, Office of

Public Health, Department of
Revenue, Department of

Secretary of State, Office of the
State Treasurer, Office of the

Transportation, Department of
Veterans Affairs, Department of

State of  Illinois Telephone Directory
The State Telephone Directory is available online to provide Business Listings for state agencies, boards, and commissions and contact information for designated state employees.

Illinois Legislature
The Illinois legislature is called the General Assembly, consisting of the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate.  The General Assembly website provides access to members’ contact information as well as access to laws and legislation, legislative reports, and more.

Illinois Courts
The Illinois Courts website provides links to information about the Illinois State Supreme Court, the state’s five Appellate Courts, and the twenty-two Circuit Courts.  The Illinois Supreme Court is in the State Capitol, Springfield.

Illinois Supreme Court
Springfield Court Clerk
Supreme Court Building
200 E. Capitol
Springfield, IL 62701

Chicago Court Clerk
Michael A. Bilandic Building
160 North LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Illinois Public Records
Access to public records in Illinois is governed by the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 5, section 140.  Records are available from each agency, as well as from the state’s counties and cities.  The State provides a webpage with FOIA contacts for each state agency.

Vital Records (births, deaths, marriages, divorces) are maintained by the Illinois Department of Health.

Illinois Unclaimed Property
Illinois’ “Cash Dash” website provides information about how to request unclaimed property.

Office of State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property Division
P.O. Box 19495
Springfield, IL 62794-9495
Claims: 217-785-6998

Illinois City and County Information
Illinois has 102 counties. The website provides a starting point for accessing the individual websites and other information about these counties, as well as cities in Illinois, from its “Living in Illinois” webpage.

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