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There is common dilemma that whether there is a free reverse cell phone directory? Does that really exist on the internet? Actually there is nothing like phone book directories but you can get accurate & guaranteed reverse cell phone number look up and in some cases they are even known as Reverse Phone Detective.

While searching for the free reverse cell phone directory, you need to find out some pseudo-directories that always promises for a free cell phone lookups. However, there are websites that will allow you to receive information on carrier and also on the location of the phone number.

When people will realize there are nothing like free reverse cell phone directories as such, they will gradually transfer themselves in to the thick and thin of the website that deals with reverse phone look up. However, they must be well ware of the fact that if you intend to utilize the services of the site, there is small payment involved in the process. The payment system made all the difference between the free site service and paid site services.

However there is also information in the classification of the information. In case of your home telephone, it is possible to consider the public domain information that has been available for decades. Therefore, there is no way to ask the permission for publishing the telephone book. In fact in some of the cases you need to keep your name out of the book.

Since the cell phone numbers are susceptible to change every now and then so they are not considered for public domain. Therefore if the telemarketers are calling from the cell phone then it may be possible to track them. So in this case there is no use of spending a single dime on paid sites.

A few years back there was discussion about compilation of the reverse cell phone numbers directory. In such database, all cell phone service providers contribute to the numbers and are made available to the directory. However this idea was shunned down because of illegitimate practices telemarketers and privacy issues.

However, the basic idea of compilation of the cell phone number was indeed a good idea. It is not even impossible. It may require some great deal of effort to compile the millions of records. Since it takes too much effort and time, there is always a cost involved to it. So in some of the sites, you can get such services against a small payment as membership fees.

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