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Information is defined as facts communicated in a meaningful form, and in essence, that’s all that public records are – facts compiled to reveal meaning about a person’s past. We live in an information driven society,  so keeping up to date public records is essential. At, we understand that information is highly important in the lives of our customers. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best public records service on today’s market. is more than simply a database of public records. Our experts at work relentlessly to provide you with what we believe is the quickest, most comprehensive public records service amongst the thousands of public records services currently available on today’s market. As a customer, we recognize that making the choice between the many different services on the market can be both frightening and challenging. In our public records service here at, we not only hope to offer you with the best available service, we also aim to inform you about exactly what comprises the best public records service. Because at, we operate as a resource to our customers rather than a costly service.

Before you choose or even another public records service, our experts feel the need to tell you what differentiates our public records service from others.

There are thousands of public records service providers that offer different search results at different prices. With the high number of options available, it can be difficult to understand which public records search service truly provides the kind of results that you need. Our public records search service provides you with a complete list of public records about a person, as well as leads to additional information that might be available. We believe that a public records service should be capable of transforming limited personal information into complete public records. Our public records service at does just that.

As you can see from the form on this page, there’s some minimal information you’ll need to know before starting your public record search – first name, last name, and State.

Before you begin your public records search, we ask that you also consider the Frequently Asked Questions about our increasingly popular service:

What are public records?

The term “public records” refers to all records that are maintained by the federal, state, or local government. Public records can be accessed through official records offices or at online databases like

What information is public record?

Customers searching for information are likely to wonder what exactly is considered to be public record. If you have ever tried to access another person’s information, you probably know that it can be unclear whether or not certain types of information are public. Generally speaking, any information that is accessible to the entire general public is considered public record. This information can be found in some sort of governmental records office or other official database that can be viewed by the public. Information that is considered public record includes: birth records, death indexes, public rout documents, government documents, marriage records, and other public records that meet this criteria.

Why is it important to search public records?

There are a host of reasons to search public records for information about a person. For example, many people find it important to search public records when they are hiring a new employee so that they can be sure that the person they are hiring does not become a legal liability. Other people search the public records prior to leasing housing to someone so that they can be sure that their future tenant is not a criminal. Still others regularly perform public records searches on future spouses or people they encounter in their personal lives, for example if when they are considering dating someone. In short, public records searches can help to ensure that what a person tells you about his or her past is true.

FAQ – Public Records

Is it possible to view public records without paying?

Yes! You are able to view public records without paying any sum of money! Thanks to the internet there are several websites that allow you to find and access vital public records for legal reference and research. These sites save you from the hassles of going to courthouses and public offices to find and access the type of public records that you are looking for.

With the help of these simple and easy to navigate online public records databases you will be able to get nationwide reports from the comforts of your home with out wasting your valuable time and paying any money.

What kinds of public records can I search to find someone?

If you are in search of a lost one, you can access the people trace sites that are available on the web today. These exhaustive sites give you the advantages of conducting State, territory and County searches from a single resource base without the need of stepping out from your home. You will get well researched and complete information on the background and the whereabouts of the person that you are looking for with ease.

The people trace searches that are conducted online are quick and instant and they enable you to find the particulars of any person that you may be looking for with success and without hassles.

How much detail about people can be found via public records and how can you find it?

With the help of public records you can find all the vital, civil and criminal background details of a person residing in the country. There are several types of public records that are created in the name of a person and you can get all the elaborate information of any person by finding and accessing them on the internet, courthouses or public offices Each type of public record serves their own purpose and with the help of them you can get the relevant information that you are searching for.

You can find and access public records at the courthouses, public offices and the internet. You can legally view them for reference and research. There are some public records like criminal records, people background records, police records, bankruptcy records etc. that are also used for investigation and background checks.

What online sources of public records will help me find more information about someone who has died?

Death Records are online sources of public records that help you find more information about someone who has died. These comprehensive records provide you with elaborate information on the name of the person, the date of death, the location of death, the obituary records, the death certificate and other relevant information that is related to the death of the person you are looking for. With the help of these online death records you are able to access State, territory and county records from a single source without the hassles of spending time or money.

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What kinds of public records exist for homes?

When you are in search for public records existing for homes you should access property value records and land records. Both these types of public records are online databases that give you information on real estate values and the transfer of property. With the help of the above two search databases you can conveniently find and access nationwide reports from a single resource base. The reports that are generated are accurate and authentic and you can refer to them for the purposes of reference and research.

How can I get to the public records of a house I want to buy?

When you are looking for the public records of a house that you want to buy you should access online property public records. These online records give you access to the information of the value of the home that you are about to buy along with other associated property information. With the help of these online property records you will be able to research and survey the real estate rates and values of not only a single area but the entire country too. All this can be done from a single platform without the need of stepping out from your home.

Can you find someone’s current address through public records?

Yes! You can find someone’s current address through public records! With the help of people trace web searches you can locate any person you are looking for from a single resource base. These search sites have a huge extensive database that allows you to utilize several data sources to find and locate friends, relatives, classmates and lost ones. These sites are secure and confidential and allow you to find and access the person that you are looking for privately.

These sites give you quick and instant search results in minutes and you do not have to run from pillar to post to get access to the information of a lost one!

Are there public records that will identify homes that are entering foreclosure?

Yes, property records will provide you with the information on homes that are entering foreclosure. These records are available online and they provide you with the information on the details of the homes and the mortgage history of the home. You will be able to access and identify homes that are entering foreclosure from the comforts of your home. They are a single resource base that is time saving and cost effective. You can conduct not only single searches but multiple searches too from one platform.

The above property records give you the benefits of conducting State, territory and nationwide searches from a single platform and you do not have to physically travel to these areas to find and access the property information of any home that you are looking for.

How do I locate the public records on a foreclosed property?

If you are looking for the public records on a foreclosed property you should refer to online Property Records for the purpose. With the help of the above records you can get the details of the property foreclosure from a single source. These online records give you elaborate information on the nature of the foreclosure that has been imposed on the property. You get relevant associated details from these online records and they save you from the troubles to traveling to public offices to acquire information about the foreclosure.

Is it possible to search records of real estate notes?

With the aid of Property Records you can get access to real estate notes instantly. The online Property Records databases that are available on the internet give you elaborate knowledge on the value of a property along with its relevant real estate notes. These sites enable you to conduct both single and multiple searches from the comforts of your home on any area in the country. You just need to enter the particulars in the search field in order to find and access the real estate notes of any place in the country without hassles and the wastage of valuable time.

Why does it cost money to access public records online?

When you face the need to access Public Records online you do not have to pay money to obtain preliminary reports that give you basic information on the type of public record that you are searching for. There are some sites that provide you public record information absolutely free of cost and on the other hand there are certain sites that are paid services. It is advised that you check what the site has to offer before you go in for conducting your public record online search. You should choose the one that suits your requirements in order to avoid any problems with your public record searches.

Why are there fees for searching public records?

There may be prescribed fees for accessing certain types of public records. Generally there are no fees for accessing and searching some public records. They are legally available to the public for legal reference and review. There are two methods via which you can search for public records and they are the traditional methods and the online methods. The traditional methods imply you traveling to the public offices and courthouses to access the reports.. The online methods may be free or paid and in order to determine what each has to offer it is prudent for the individual to research and find out what the site is offering when it comes to paid services.

What public records can I research to find out if someone has committed a felony?

In order to ascertain the felony background history of a person you need to find and access online criminal records in that person’s name. These online records are quick and instant searches that give you detailed and elaborate information on the criminal history of the person and the nature of the felony committed. These criminal record sites are accurate and authentic and they are widely resorted to by legal professionals, law enforcement officers and other individuals for the purpose of background checks and investigation.

What public offices keep records about criminal activities in neighborhoods?

The criminal courthouses and law enforcement public offices are the repository of criminal activities in the area of a particular State, territory or county. These offices contain updated information on the criminal activity of the area and all the information and reports that are associated to them. They also contain elaborate reports on criminals, law breakers, absconders and fugitives in the neighborhood. These public offices also contain all the legal files and documents that are associated and relevant to the criminal history and activity in the neighborhood. All these reports and records are legally available to the general public for reference and review.

Where can I get access to public records about criminal activity in my neighborhood?

In order to access and check any criminal activity in your neighborhood you should conduct online criminal public record searches that give you the criminal history and background of any area. With the help of the above criminal record searches you can ensure the safety and the protection of yourself and your loved ones without hassles. The above records are of immense benefit for conducting criminal record background searches for research and investigation. They are private, secure and confidential and are widely accessed by millions across the country.

What public records can I search to find out if someone has been married or divorced?

If you are looking for the public records of a person who is married or divorced you should check into online marriage and divorce records. Both these public records provide you with a valuable insight into the marital status and the past of an individual. With the help of the above records you can conduct comprehensive online searches that are both secure and confidential. You can conduct your search privately and access nationwide State, territory and County records about the particulars and details of any marriage or divorce that has taken place in the country. All these searches can be conducted from the privacy of your home without hassles.

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