How To Access Public Records?

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What Are Public Records?
Public records are files of information that has been recorded and stored in physical form by the local, state, legal, federal or any other kinds of governmental agencies. These records are created by the local, state, and federal government. Most of these governmental agencies have a website where an American citizen can search another citizens property records, criminal records, driving records, employment records, educational records, legal records and any other form of credible information.
How To Access Public Records?
There are various ways an individual can search another individual’s public records. It is never easy to find public records of individuals as there are millions of records stored within these governmental agencies. To scan through each potential record can be a tedious job and very time consuming especially when you don’t have enough accurate information that can pick out the exact person’s background records. Many times, there would be incomplete information or the records may not be accurate as well. Therefore, using professional background check screening services of investigative agencies such as can prove vital to your efforts and save you lots of time, energy & money.
Firstly, an individual must have the exact ‘date of birth’ of the person in question for whom a public record has to be accessed. If in case, one does not have the person’s date of birth, one definitely needs to have the person’s Social Security Number along with their exact full name in order to scan through their public records. If you don’t even have that, you could somehow find their home phone # which can possibly help you in accessing their public records. If in case you know that the person carries a professional license of working as a doctor, accountant, lawyer, etc; you could check the state licensing agencies website for the date of birth which is a public record.
Secondly, one can go through the individual’s profile on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. They would have mentioned their basic personal details such as their Real Full Name (an alias won’t do), their residential phone #, their age / date of birth and some more details about their interests, hobbies and choices on these sites. You can even know if you have a common friend who could provide with some more information that could prove vital while looking forward to check the individual’s public records. You can do a character check through these social networking sites. You could even Google their name to search more information about them online.
Thirdly, to check whether the individual has committed a sex crime or offense before, you can enter their first name & last name in the Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Database. Once done, you could narrow the search by entering their location, age, etc. Once you find a record, you could see a picture of the person who could possibly be the individual in question whose records you have been searching for a while. If you find a negative result, you could definitely stop your search.
Fourthly and lastly, you could possibly find the person’s inmate search records by entering their first name and last name within the Federal Bureau Of Prison’s website and narrow it down according to their characteristics. Not only that, you could do the same on the local police website of the individual’s locality and find if the person has ever been involved in a white-collar / blue-collar crime, misdemeanor, felony or has been reported for any form of abuse. You could do the same on county and state records to search for any criminal history of the individual in question.