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The Best Mafia Wars Cheats Guides!
Mafia Wars Cheats on both Myspace & Facebook are a little of a fable. There are many training manuals and automated bots available for doing jobs that will most certainly get your social networking account blocked. You need to be very accurate when you decide on the strategy you are going to take in order to beat the game and dominate it to the fullest. I am warning you, this is addictive.

I will give you a few helpful guidelines on the best tested strategies I used when starting out in Mafia Wars and I also attached a Link to a page which has listed the best mafia wars cheat guides available in the market today. Here are several of them and their names are “Mafia Wars Blueprint”, “Mafia Sniper” and “Dominate Mafia Wars”. Purchasing one of these guides will help you with the more advanced ways of gaining further enjoyment from the game and reaching higher levels and more wealth. Again, this game is very addictive…

My selected Tips & Strategies for Playing Mafia Wars
When you start off playing Mafia Wars, you may select which mafia trait you would like. There are three forms: Maniacs who recovery energy faster, Fearless who regain health quickly and Mogul which make money faster.

Because the game is based on energy for executing Mafia jobs which build you cash reserves and for fast experience gaining to level up quicker, the most ideal trait to select the Maniacs trait for quicker energy gain.

The most vital thing in the New York Job setting and the rarest to get your hands on in Mafia Wars Cheats is the ‘untraceable mobile phone’. You will realize that jobs in Capo job levels and above will need you to have this mobile phone in order to participate in one or two of the jobs and you will need loads of this item to productively dominate the job levels. The only place you can get hold of ‘untraceable mobile phones’ is to do the ‘Rob an Electronic Store’ job in the Enforcer job level. Remember this important tip. You shall have 1 in 3 attempts of successfully getting one each time you do the job. My tip would be to waste a few levels of job energy doing the ‘Rob an Electronic Store’ job and build up your ‘untraceable mobile phone’ stash to help with later jobs that need them. Know that doing this job will build up your stash of ‘Concealable Camera’ and ‘Computer Set-Up’.

The Godfather Points come very in handy. You will notice at the get go that you will have some Godfather points to spend. The most ideal approach would be to spend these points to fully refill your energy bar when are empty which will cost you 10 Godfather points.
Remember that you will gain 1 Godfather point for every 2 levels you gain. Just pile up these points up to 10 points and refill your energy bar for faster leveling capabilities.

More Mafia Wars Related Info
If you are really serious about getting to the top Levels in Mafia Wars, you can get this done with great tips and strategies that will 100% increase your chances of dominating the Mafia Wars game and gain you lots of new friends and respect which can all be found at this page of Mafia Wars Cheats

It is time to Dominate Mafia Wars Once and for all.