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Records of marriage license are referred to as an official document which is signed by the groom, bride and the individual who intends officiating the marriage. With a marriage license, a couple may not be declared as legally married. If couples have the records of the marriage license then it proves that they are legally married, particularly in the eyes of the government. In general, there a marriage license has three copies. The couple is provided a copy so that they can keep it as their personal records. The second copy is provided to the officiator of the marriage. The local government keeps the third or final copy with it.
If your are planning to do a research on records of marriage license, then let me tell you that you can proceed in a number of ways. For example, in recent times, majority of people are taking online help for doing a research work on records of marriage license. There are innumerable reasons behind going for marriage licenses. With a good research work, you are sure to get ample information on marriage licenses. In fact, it is often observed that the information provided online is accurate because most of them are transferred directly from government agencies.
Check out some of the viable reasons for doing a search on records of marriage license.

  • To find out whom you are associated with through a marriage
  • For obtaining information about the past history of your parents
  • To find out whether your prospective partner had a past marriage or not
  • To find out whether your parents had a previous marriage or not
  • To obtain more information on your ethnic background
  • For obtaining an age proof of your employees
  • For obtaining the age proof of somebody you know

These are only a couple of reasons to let you know about the reason for getting hold of the records of marriage license. There are lots more than this!
There are countless of things that you can learn from the records of marriage license. Following is a list of things that you may want to know

  • Full name of your groom or bride
  • The Date of Birth of your groom or bride
  • The names of your bride or groom’s parents
  • Address of the officiate
  • Name of the officiate

The venue at which the marriage had taken place will be mentioned in the marriage license. Any previous marriage case will be also included in the marriage license record.
You need to devote ample time on research if you are interested to search records of marriage license of two persons who are of the same sex. There are some states to which same sex marriages are same as opposite sex marriages. On the flip side, you may also come across states that may not give equal recognition to same sex and opposite sex marriages. Hence, be sure to go through the information on each state carefully when it comes to doing a search on records of marriage license.