Where Can I Find Old Marriage Records?

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Marriage Records are public records that are recorded and maintained by the State. These records can be searched and publicly viewed for the purpose of background checks of a prospective partner, genealogy research and reference and investigation purposes. They are original official documents and contain significant information. They are a valuable resource base and they are of immense benefit for many people who need to check the marital history and background of a person. These records are recorded and updated every year. A person who needs to access old marriage records can also refer to the online searches of marriage records that are easily and conveniently available today.

Old marriage records the following vital information:

  • The Names of the bride and the bridegroom
  • The Age of the bride and the bridegroom
  • The Occupations of bride and the bridegroom at the time of marriage
  • The present marital status of the bride and the bridegroom at the time of marriage
  • The present Address of the bride and the bridegroom at the time of marriage
  • The Date of the marriage taking place
  • The Place and location  of the Marriage of both the parties
  • Whether the marriage has taken place through a bonds, marriage license or a marriage certificate
  • The Name and occupation of the parents of the bride and the bridegroom
  • The names of all the witnesses to the marriage

In order to access old marriage records there are many databases online that can provide a person the information on the marriage he or she is searching on. These records are a reliable and accurate source of information. Old marriage records can be used to find out the legitimacy of children who may have been separated in the past from their biological parents. They can also help individual track old members of a family and they are of immense benefit for genealogy reference and research. Many persons search old family records mainly for tracking family history. Previously these records were maintained by the Churches or the organizations where the marriage took place. Searching for old marriage records requires a lot of patience as the process is a lengthy one. There are many country and State databases online that contain the records of marriages taking place many years ago. It should be remembered that while searching for old marriage records one should not restrict the search to the database of one State only. He or she should check the databases of other States if the relevant information cannot be found. Every state repository contains the records of marriages conducted in that State only so it is wise to check other State databases also for old marriage records. These online searches are convenient and cost effective and they can save a lot of time of the person searching for old marriage records. The information is reliable and accurate and they can be conducted in the privacy and comforts of one’s home. They are not hard to find as there are many databases with information of past marriages that took place many years ago. In conclusion, if one needs to find out the family history and background of a person he can fully rely on online searching of these records.