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In simple words, a marriage record is a record of the marriage that took place between two individuals. These records were previously maintained by the Church authorities of any organization that had solemnized the marriage ceremony. Today, marriage records are public documents that a person can access and view online to find out the marital past and background of a person. Under the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, every person has the legal right to access public records and court records for the purpose of legal reference and research. Marriage records are public records in the eyes of Law.

In marriage Records a person can find out vital information of a person’s past marriage. These marriage records fall under the State Jurisdiction and they share the same importance as Divorce, Birth and Death Records. People search for marriage records for checking the background of a prospective marriage partner, for the purpose of genealogy reference, for applying for a license to remarry in the case of divorced persons etc. There are vital statistics and information available in marriage records.

Marriage records are official documents and they stay with the Central Repository of States from where they can be accessed. In marriage records the information of the some records are made confidential by some States but most of them can be viewed publicly. The marriage records of a person contain the personal information of the married couple, the information of their parents, the date of the marriage, the names of the witnesses to the marriage, the location of the marriage, the name of the officiate of the marriage etc. These reports are also available with birth and death records of the State. A lot of significant and detailed information can be obtained from marriage records. These reports are only available from one State and it is not possible to view the marriage records of another state. It is wise for a person who is conducting a marriage record search to go through the marriage records of each State. Online searching of information in marriage records is very popular as they are time saving and cost effective.

The details in marriage records have many uses. They serve as an invaluable resource for genealogy research where a person may need to find out the family history of a person. Children who were separated from their parents in the past can search for the records of their biological parents from marriage records. They also prove the legitimacy of the children of the parties in the marriage. A marriage license gives permission to two people to marry under Law. They are also treated as marriage records when signed and witnessed.

Marriage is a holy union between two people and it is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Very often this joyful union may turn sour and the parties may land up in divorce.  In marriage records a person can successfully obtain reliable and accurate information of a prospective partner and accurately find out the background of the person he or she is searching on.