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Our professional genealogy search service reviewers have reviewed hundreds of genealogy search services in order to determine which companies provide the best results for the best rates. When it comes to performing online genealogy searches, one of the most important things that you need to think about is the quality and the extent of the results that you get.

Through our extensive research, we have determined that not all genealogy search services are the same. Some services provide simple results, such as the names of your ancestors. Other services will provide information about the birth, death, and address of ancestors. Therefore, before you begin your genealogy search, it is important for you to understand what kind of results you can expect from your service.

Keep in mind that finding free Genealogy Search records is almost impossible on the Internet, even with the thousands of background check search services available. Using our services, you’ll be able to get a free preliminary search before you’re ever asked to make a payment. That way, you can test the service before you buy. If you do choose to purchase additional background check information, you can be confident that our search services offer the lowest-priced, advanced features available online.

Before choosing your next Genealogy Search service, we recommend visiting our comprehensive review page, where you will find in-depth reviews of all major background check services. Our expert reviewers have broken each service down based on what it offers, who it is intended for, and what it can do for you. You’ll also benefit from browsing through our comprehensive rating system.

Free Genealogy Search?

Although there are thousands of background check services, obtaining a free genealogy report online is nearly impossible. That’s why we have chosen sites that offer free preliminary searches before you are even asked to make a payment. Some of our search sites offer as many as two-dozen free searches in addition to a plethora of low-cost advanced searches.

No matter what your reason for performing a public records search is, you should know that the type of search results vary greatly depending on which company you choose.

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For more information about online genealogy search services, take a moment to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions:

What information will the search services give me about my ancestors?

When you perform a genealogy search online, the results that you get will vary from Web site to Web site. Some Web sites will be able to give you details about your ancestors, such as where they lived, full names, marriage records, birth records, and death records. In essence, those sites will help to draw your family tree.
Other online genealogy search services give you very basic results for individuals that may or may not even be related to your family. For example, if your last name is very common, such as Jones or Smith, it could be very difficult for you to find accurate information that relates to your family. Sometimes, if you do find information relating to your family line, it may just be basic information, such as a name and location.
Take a moment to review our top genealogy search services to get the best information about the kinds of results that you will get from the different search services.

What information do I need to have when I perform a search?

Of course, you can always use your basic name when you perform a genealogy search. However, the results may not be as accurate or comprehensive as you would like, especially if you have a very common last name. For this reason, it is best if you have at least some information about your immediate ancestors, such as parents and grandparents.
Your results may be most accurate if you have a social security number for deceased ancestors. When you have a social security number, you will be able to input that information into the directory in order to get very accurate results since no two people share the same social security number. Also, all death certificates have the social security number on them, so you will be able to get the most accurate information about your genealogy if you can find an ancestor’s social security number.

How fast will the genealogy search take when I do it online?

One of the major benefits of doing your genealogy search online is that you will get results almost immediately. In the days before the Internet, you would have to go to the library or public records database in order to find information about your ancestors and genealogy. However, thanks to the Internet, you simply have to type in the information that you have in order to get fast results that are tied to federal databases.

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