Public Records Tasters #6: ‘Environmentalist’, Al Gore

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AL Gore background check

Al Gore has been known for his ideologies with regards to environment in connection with global warming. He served as a Senate and served also as a Vice President under Bill Clinton’s Administration. He was the first Senator who authored a book which became a best-seller next to John F. Kennedy. Al Gore dedicated himself to issues regarding environment and starred a documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth” in which it gained an Academy Award. He also received a Nobel Prize for Peace Award in 2007 by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The following is the background checks about Al Gore.

Early Years and Education

Albert “Al” Gore, Jr., was born on March 31, 1948 in Washington D.C., USA to Albert Gore, Sr., and Pauline Lafon Gore. His father has been serving the Senate from Tennessee and former U.S. representative, while his mother is known for being the first woman who ever graduated in Vanderbilt University Law School.
The family of Gore settled in Fairfax Hotel located in the Embassy Row in Washington. During summertime, they go to their family farm and work in their tobacco, hay and cattle farm. Gore enrolled at the exclusive, all boys St. Alban’s School in Washington. He’ been active in sports and he became the captain on a football team. He also showed interests in painting, and all sorts of art.
He then attended Harvard University and from there he usually transfers from one course to another but he avoided Math that much according to his Background checks. Even though in his First years and second years he’s a bit behind, but he excelled for the following years when he reached Junior and senior level. Gore gained interests in environmental issues and he was honored for his A rating in thesis and he graduated in June 1969 with recognition.

Marriage and Career

Al Gore married Mary Elizabeth (Tipper) Aitcheson in Washington National Cathedral on May 19, 1970. Tipper bears four children namely Karenna, Kristin Carlson Gore, Sarah, and Albert Gore III. In 1976 of February, Gore decided to quit finishing law in law school and decided to run for the House of Representatives which surprised his wife. In 1976, he won one of the seats in Congress and for the following years after that. It became his career and he did well in his job.

Change of Mind, Turning Point

One incident that made Gore silent for a while in Politics was when his son got into an accident in 1989. It was a shattering experience for him as a father and for the family as a whole. He withdrew his candidacy for Presidency and decided to take responsibility first as a father. It has changed his perspective in life all throughout and authored a book “Earth in Balance”.

Vice Presidency and Environmental Issues

Gore was at first hesitant in receiving a position under Bill Clinton’s administration but later he decided after encountering some issues in global warming. Bill stated that Gore is the one he wanted for the position due to the fact that Gore has been experienced in environmental issues and his dedication not only in work but most importantly to his family.
Being an environmentalist, he promoted GLOBE program which focuses on children’s learning to be aware of the environment. He has been dedicated to pursue issues concerning clean air, global warming effects and clean water. In addition, he also pursued the Kyoto protocol in which the there would be decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.