Public records tasters #3: Improved New York, Mayor Rudolf Giuliani

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Mayor Rudolf Giuliani

Giuliani was one of those who put efforts in helping and working hard for the victims in September 11 terrorist attacks. During the aftermath of the attack, Giuliani is often aired in radio and television and give words of encouragement and words of comfort for the American people. He’s been a good mayor in New York that improved the lives of people living in the place which will be mentioned later in his background checks.

Early Life and Education

His whole name is Rudolph William Louis Giuliani born under a working class family located in Brooklyn, New York. He was born on May 28, 1944, and his origin is from Italy, both his grandparents are Italian. He has been troubled by his difficulty of speech called the lateral slip at it never kept him from gaining success both in his country but also it became one of the reasons he was able to touch he lives of people, giving much words of comfort. He was raised with a Catholic faith and even wanted to join in Priesthood while he was young.

He attended Catholic school Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn and graduated in the year 1961. He then went to Brooklyn Manhattan College where he also joined a fraternity named Phi Rho Pi and after graduating, he enrolled to New York University School of Law where he graduated as cum laude in the year 1968.

Democrat Ideals

In 1968, he was one of the people who volunteered themselves in campaigning for Robert F. Kennedy and admired their family a lot. His political career has been greatly influenced by Democratic Party where he stands as a committee man.

Career and Political Interests

After he graduated in the law school, he then worked as a clerk of Judge Lloyd McMahon, a US District Judge of Southern New York. When he was 29 years old, he was then became known as the Chief of the Narcotics and gave his service as an executive attorney in the US.

From Democratic Party, he moved to Independent when he became an Associate Deputy Attorney General in Washington D.C.  But in the year 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected for President, he then again transferred from Independent to Republican which he claimed that it had more sense to him.

He became notable in his work as an Attorney for the Southern District of New York when he had prosecuted people with serious cases, including those drug dealers, corruption in the government, and organized crime. He gained prominence nationwide especially in prosecuting Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken.

In the year 1989, he began to show interests in joining politics when he ran for Mayor in New York and in September 1989, he won for Mayor in New York against his contender Ronald Lauder. From Republican and Liberal parties, he then again ran for Mayor in 1993 and won the race of election with his attention to rates of crime, education, business, and quality of life of people in NY. In 1997, he then again won the election.

Background checks on him may be found why he’s been successful in his life as a Mayor. Rudy became one of the reason that crime rates in New York fall to 57% and murder cases has been reduced to 65% in his term. It has been New York’s shining moment when it was recognized as the safest city in America by FBI investigations.

The secret of it maybe is the constant monitoring of every streets of any criminal acts and widespread of policemen around the city. CompStat Program has been helpful for them and it has become a model not only in America but also in other parts of the world in controlling the number of crime rates.  He became also reason for New York’s Improvement in Education raising the annual budget from $8 billion to $12 billion and it gave the people in New York having more quality in life improving child’s reading skills and advantages of new curriculum.