Public records Tasters #2: ‘Man of Peace and Prosperity’, Keith Ellison

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Keith Ellison Background check

Known to have his philosophies of “generosity and inclusiveness”, Keith Ellison became known as a Congress who stresses to promote peace, environmental issues on sustaining the resources, helping families to gain prosperity, most especially the civil as well as the human rights. Background checks of his life make us know how he became part of the Congress and how he was influenced by his philosophy involving religion and family. He’s a member of Democratic Farmer-Labor Party and serving the House of Representatives since the year 2007.

Childhood and Education

Keith Ellison was born in Detroit Michigan on August 4, 1963 where he was raised by his parents learning the Catholic way of religion. He’s the third child of all five sons of Clida and Leonard Ellison. His mother is a social worker while his father worked as a psychiatrist. As a young man at the time, he was greatly influenced by his family in involving in the civil rights movement where its goal is to ban the racial discrimination to the African-Americans which was so prevalent.
His life in school involved much on becoming one of the leader as a Senate in University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy in the year 1981 and became active in sports was also his specialty. By the time he attended his college years in Wayne State University taking up BA Economics, by the age 0f 19 he converted from Catholic to Islam.

Marriage and Law Education

He got married to Kim, a high school teacher which was his high school sweetheart and they settled in Minneapolis. From there, he attended University of Minnesota Law School and authored books which caused him some controversy later in life while campaigning. He earned his degree in Law in the year of 1990.
Kim and Keith have one daughter and three sons namely Amirah, Jeremiah, Elijah, and Isaiah respectively. Tough his wife Kim is didn’t have same faith with his husband as a Muslim; their children followed their father’s faith.
Keith and his three siblings became a lawyer as well while his other brother now worked as a doctor. One of them is a pastor of the Baptist “Church of New Covenant”.

Works and Civil Rights

His priority is defending the indigent people with their civil rights, particularly the employment and criminal defense. He has been also involved in doing service for the community and various organizations taking priority especially to the youth which everyone is welcome whether girl or boy, ages 5-18. He takes into consideration the importance of the youth’s safety with regards to dangerous pesticides and chemicals in Minnesota and he’s been an advocate for the promotion of increase in minimum wages for the working homes.

Career Contributions

Background checks showed Keith’s contribution to Civil rights and promotion of peace. By the time of Bush, it was also the time that surge in war in Iraq; Keith Ellison with Tim Walz greatly opposed the idea of increasing the number of troops in Iraq. He believed that resolving through military wars will not be able to solve the problem. Instead, there would be involvement of politics, diplomatic, and economics in the issue.
In order to help every working family, he presented the bill to charge those companies who increases the interest rates of credit card companies, whenever they pay out of time. It has been supported by Rep. Barney Bank, and it has been a help for everyone avoiding high interests’ rates which makes it easier in filing for bankruptcy whenever it happens.