Public records Tasters #10: ‘Humanitarian Actress’, Mia Farrow

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Mia Farrow Background check

Maria Lourdes Villiers Farrow, commonly known as Mia Farrow is an actress as well as a singer. She starred on many films such as Rosemary Baby which was aired in 1968, The Great Gatsby during 1974, and also Hannah and her sisters on the year 1986. Prior to acting to big films, she appeared on many films in which she had small roles and won Awards for the following years. Many said that she’s famous not because of being an actress or talented but because how she inspired people with her life. She became a worker for UNICEF Goodwill as an Ambassador where she did humanitarian works especially for the less fortunate children in other regions of Africa. She became one of the most influential people in Time Magazine on the year 2008.


Mia was born on February 5, 1945 in Los Angeles California to an Australian father who happened to be a film director named John Farrow and Maureen O’Sullivan. Based on her background checks, she was raised mostly in her life in parts in Beverly Hills and the family raised them in Roman Catholic belief.

Acting Careers

She started to appear on films in 1960 with supporting roles; however, she gained popularity with her role in Peyton Place a soap opera as Allison. Mia gained enormous awards from her leading role in Rosemary Baby; one of this is the Golden Globe Award being the New Star. She gained approvals and appreciation from her performance by the critics stating that her acting was like their looking at real situation.

Private Life

On July 19, 1966, she married the singer Frank Sinatra a father like figure for her for his age is 50, while Mia is 21 at the time. Their relationship did not last for it showed somewhat possessiveness of Frank Sinatra, demanding Mia to quit her role in Rosemary’s Baby and do his film.
On her background checks, Mia Farrow may not have successful lasting relationship to husbands but she was able to do charitable deeds by adopting more 6 children. All in all she had 15 children in which 11 of them where adopted.

Fighting for Children’s Rights

Being an advocate, Mia Farrow fought for the rights of children most especially parts of Africa. She tried to combat polio which she experienced it herself while still a child and survived the illness. Mia worked hard to raise some funds in helping unfortunate children. She‘s also involved in Darfur Activism helping the refugees. One instance in August 7, 2007 was her remarkable volunteer to exchange her own freedom for the sake of a rebel leader in a UN hospital.
Her excellence as an actress was surpassed by her touching of lives of the people. In the year 2008, Mia was awarded with Refugees International McCall-Pierpaoli Humanitarian award for his service in people who are refugees. Following year she also received the Leon Sullivan International Service Award.

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