Public records tasters’ #5: ‘The Veteran’, John McCain

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John McCain Background check

Being a Veteran in a war and a survivor leaves a great experience that you’ll never forget even in the last days. John McCain has been active throughout his life volunteered to combat in the Vietnam War. He followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather in which they are high ranking in Naval. Since growing as a military, he’s public feature is always known as straight forward, direct and with no flaws as much as possible which is also incorporated within his own family. Indeed he’s experienced enough that he made through years serving the senate. Looking at him, you can see traits that are so much like a military as mentioned earlier based on his background checks. In addition, he loved to hike and crack up some jokes. Many observed that he’s a man full of control though.

Early years and Education

John Sidney McCain III was born in Panama Canal Zone, Coco Solo Naval Station on August 29, 1936 to his mother Roberta. John McCain’s father and grandfather namely John McCain Jr., and John McCain Sr., respectively where high ranking (four star officer rank) in United States Navy. He’s the second of all the three children of McCain Jr.
Since having a military oriented family with a father who is a four star officer, they transferred from place to place (Naval Base) from USA and across the country. He attended many schools, since transferring from place to place and he finally graduated in 1954 in Epsicopal high School in Virginia.
After graduating in high school, he aspired to follow the footsteps of his father and he graduated fifth in United States Naval Academy in the year 1958 and also in flight school in the year 1960.

Volunteer in Vietnam War

Following year in 1965, he married Carol Shepp and adopted the 2 children Carol already have and both of them bear a child. Vietnam War is in outbreak and so he decided to volunteer for combat and take to the air attack aircrafts. He was badly injured in that war that he nearly died of the attack when North Vietnamese shot down McCain’s plane.
He was called Hanoi Hilton after the incident according to the Background checks of him. McCain has also experienced being a prisoner of war and tasted torture from then. McCain was released in the year 1973 but afterwards when he decided to return to Navy, he realized that his injuries impaired much his ability.

Political Interests

In the year 1980, he divorced his wife Carol and married Cindy Hensley and lived in Phoenix Arizona. After retirement he began to work as a liaison to US senate in the year 1977 and he showed interest in politics thereafter.
In the year 1983, he led the Republican representatives and under Reagan’s administration, he supported Reaganomics. In 1984, McCain won again for the re-election of House of Representatives. He gained success in Senate for the following years.


His role as a Senate resulted in a number of reforms like HMO reform, a health maintenance reform for the people of United States; another is the climate change as well as gun legislation. It has been noted that he’s one of the only 2 senators who opposed in cutting taxes. During the attacks of terrorists in 2011, he supported Bush in war against Afghanistan to aim in stopping terrorism. McCain also co-sponsored an airport security called Aviation and Transport Security Act which then recognized by Bush as his greatest legislative achievement for the Seven years in the Senate.