Public records tasters’ #4: The ‘Terminator’ turned Politician,‘Governator‘ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger background check

Who may not know Arnold Schwarzenegger? He’s been popular ever since he became an Actor in ‘Terminator’, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and many Hollywood films which is a favorite home past time movies with the family. Having a prominent face in the populace from his first appearance as body builder to actor, much to the surprise of people, he went on politics becoming the 38th governor of California. Republican Party has been an influence to him appeared in his Background checks.

Early Years and Education

Arnold was born on July 3o, 1947 in an isolated village of Thal Austria to chief Gustav Schwarzenegger and Aurelia Jadrny. He was raised having faith as a Catholic and he recalled how their life was in Austria as a child, taking into consideration his strict and disciplinarian father when he disobeys them.

Arnold has a sibling named Meinhard which is elder but one thing he noticed is that he’s the father’s favorite which eventually made him think that he’s not his father’s child. In school, he’s always having a cheerful look and good humored which made him stand out of the class though he’s an average student. At the age of 6 years old, he showed interests in sports, inspired by a swimmer athlete when his father brought him to an Olympic. He’s athletic and has been active in sports for the following years.

From “Rags to Riches”

Much to the life of Schwarzenegger was the drama behind it. No it’s not a movie or a fiction film but this is his real life. When he was young, they are very financially constrained. He remembered that the best part of his life at that time was that when his family bought a ‘refrigerator’. Even though still at a young age, it cultivated in his heart the desire to strive hard for the betterment of their living.

His amazement and inspiration in sports started when his father brought him to watch into an Olympic game, where he met the swimmer whom he made as an example and inspiration. By the age of 14, he took hold of a barbell for the first time and made it his sport leaving soccer behind. From then on, he began to appear on Weight lifting competitions which brought him to be the Mr. Universe. And by the age of 21, they migrated to USA and became a citizen of United States of America. Recalling those times, he even remembered how bad his English was but he did pursue being an actor.

Slowly the man who barely afford for refrigerator has now come to the point where he began to earn more than enough when he became an actor, filming Hollywood movies in TV industries. Now, he’s happily serving his fellowmen as a Governor in California.

Marriage and Present Life

Arnold married Maria Shiver, Kennedy’s niece and they happily have four children namely Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher they are currently living in Brentwood.  He’s the elect Republican Governor of California and re-elected in November 2006 and he’s been an influence to people for a change. One notable thing from him is that he refused to take his salary as a Governor; rather he used his own money.

Contributions to Government

As a Governor, he didn’t hesitate to oppose the Proposition 66 which is also known as the “three strikes law” in which the convicted has extended period of trial for 3 sessions. He strongly opposed this due to the fact that it will give a lot more chance for criminals and rapists of 26,000 to be discharge which may result to higher rates of violence.

He also acts as an environmentalist fighting to reduce global warming effects in the government. This has been done through having green house gas emission standards which they must meet. That was signed in the year 2006 of September 27. Energy conservation as well was his goal and that he installed solar panels at home.

Looking through his life, we can see different perspective in life, and that was an inspiration that an author named Laurence Learner made a book for Arnold about his life. On his background checks, recently in 2004 as well as year 2007, he was one of the awarded people who help shape the world for the better living.