Public Record Tasters #7: ‘The American Activist’, Ralph Nader

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Ralph nader Background Check

Consumer Rights and Environmental factors is one of Ralph’s aiming for the government in United States. He run for Presidency under a Green Party for four times and has been an activist in politics, and been an attorney and lecturer. He puts into consideration the issues concerning the protection of consumers against high price goods, humanitarian idealism, pursuing democratic government and protecting the environment. In the year 2004, he ran as an Independent candidate for Presidency.

Childhood and Educational Background

Ralph Nader was born on February 27, 1934 in Winsted Connecticut to his parents who immigrated from Lebanon namely Nathra Nader and Rose Nader based on his background checks. With regards to Nader’s education, he graduated in the Gilbert School year 1951 and then graduated in Princeton University in year 1955. In the year 1958, he graduated in Harvard University.

Start of his Career and being an Activist

Nader found a job in Washington DC as an Assistant Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan while he was strolling around. He started to write articles about Consumers safety published in Harvard and he also began to make criticism to some automobile industries in his article in the year 1959. His main goal is to ensure the safety of individual and he discovered that mostly automobiles were no safe for their use.
He targeted particularly General Motors and based on investigations, Nader’s criticism were validated and due to this, the company tried to invade his privacy to learn his past and at times set up prostitute in order to discredit him. But they all failed as Nader sued the company for invasion of privacy and the company was forced to apologize publicly.
Many youths were inspired by his work and supported his activists’ movement which led to many followers known as “Nader’s Raiders” and they came to inspect government’s flaws with regards to corruption.


During 1970-1980, in his background checks, he led the anti nuclear power movement in which it entails the complete eradication of nuclear energy. He stressed the importance of safety for the workers, democracy, and security and instead of nuclear energy, offered many alternatives like the solar, geothermal ad wind. He became involved with ecology campaigning for awareness of population regarding the contamination of lakes, which is the main supply of water to drink for the norms. Chemicals, petroleum residuals, harmful substances are on the lakes and rivers which can affect the health of the population.
In addition to environmental campaigns, he included health care for all, rights of the workers and consumers, and aim to shift the taxes to those higher corporations rather than giving burden to low or average class of population.
With regards to life of Ralph Nader, he didn’t get married for it’s between career option or family, but he chose career. Until now, he did not consider having a family.