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Background checks are often requested by employers, this is a pretty standard thing in today’s society particularly if you are looking at somebody who is going to be placed in a position of some responsibility. Most companies run these sorts of checks as a routine however in a lot of cases they are only run as spot checks or as they are required by law.

However not many people ever think to get a background check on a potential employer, but think about it just how much do you know about your potential employer, if you go into a small office what do you really know about the man who you are letting photocopy your passport, giving your social security details to and not to mention your bank details to. It is perfectly possible that your employer is a con artist, this scam has been pulled numerous times throughout the UK and the USA, you go in for a job interview get the job, hand over all your details then the con artist empties your account. So think about it, maybe it’s worth doing a quick check up yourself, check that the companies legitimate, then check that the person who your seeing is who they claim to be, it is unlikely that a major businessman is a con artist, but he could have an impersonator.

When it comes to checking up on an employee, we all know the drill, it is done because it has to be, after all if you employ somebody who robs your company blind you wont be happy and if you employ somebody who doesn’t have the right to work in the country for example you could end up in a lot of trouble, documents can be forged, public records however cannot be. Or at least it would be very impressive if the person in question has managed to get into government databases and change them. There can be severe punishments if you are found to have not done the relevant background checks prior to employing somebody particularly if you employ somebody into a job where any convictions they have could cause safety issues to other people both the employee and the employer can end up fined and in some cases businesses have been shut down. This is exactly why background checks are very important to both the employer and the employee, surely it’s better not to get a job than end up in trouble later, in an ideal world people wouldn’t lie on C.V.’s but unfortunately that isn’t the case.