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The facts and personal data of citizens recorded and filed by the state and central governments are known as public records. These records are created and maintained by the federal and state government like birth and death records, marriage and divorce records, voter registration and real estate records etc. A public divorce record is the main source of information about the parties involved in divorce, time and location of divorce, children and their custody, alimony and other resolutions, main reason for divorce, divorce filing number, final verdict and other details. There are times when it is important for people to know the information. One can get comprehensive data and facts about such information through the help of public records.

Free access to public records for the citizens of USA is the result of the Freedom of Information Act FOIA. The creation of such federal law has brought a greater transparency to the society. Even though most people are against this, the public divorce records do come handy. Each state has its own version of FOIA. You can access the records by seeking a requisition, it might come free or you might have to pay administrative fees. Though, government agencies decide the accessibility of the information.

Divorce records are generally kept private and the accessibility is restricted to an extent by the federal & state governments. Though, people can still access these records by taking a proper route. There are a lot of reasons why people want to access the divorce records. You can make a background check on your prospective groom, in-laws or your relatives. It can be used for future reference if the reason for divorce was abuse or violence. And a person can also be sent to rehabilitation center if the reason for divorce was his behavior or habit.

All US states have a separate public divorce record and the state government maintains it. You can access these records by forwarding a requisition to the related department of the government organization. Gaining information can be a little taxing but a person must have the cool to handle these situations. New York State also preserves its public divorce records. You will note that a lot of residents of the state forward their requisition to their county offices in the New York State. In the past, these records were maintained and preserved by hands. Every time an application was forwarded, a copy of the relevant information was either posted or the person had to take it from the county office.

The digital age has made the storage of information and facts an easy and a hassle-free task. The information is now digitized and it is just a click away. A lot of private websites on the web provide a free search for the information. You will just have to pay a small sum to search the sites. But selecting a website can be troublesome and confusing; you must make a background search on the website before paying for your search. Our website offers a comprehensive search about the public divorce records. You will just have to provide the name, age and city of the person and the search will give you precise and necessary information.

Online searches for various counties can also be done in our website. This is one reason why you might have to wait a little for the public divorce records. Popular county search on New York State are:

Bronx, Erie, Kings, Monroe, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk and Westchester.

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