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Are you getting married? Congratulations! But then, let me ask you an important question; are you aware or the marriage history of your prospective partner? Do you have any idea on the number of times he or she has been married or rather whether he or she is a divorcee or not? If yes, then why not go for a marriage and divorce search. With the advent of the internet, you can search the divorce background of anybody and that too from the comforts of your home. This will help you to know about the time when the suspect was marriage as well as the exact span for which the marriage last.

So if you are having doubts about your present relationship or prospective relationship you can go for a marriage and divorce search. Marriages and divorces are grouped under state law and are synchronized by states. Hence, you need to search individually state by state and the entire venture may turn out to be a bit expensive. However, there’s an alternative way where you can opt for the current and ex-spouses search which may return addresses and names of ex-spouses. This may help you determine which states to opt for based on the address of the ex-spouses. However, as mentioned previously, with the advent of the internet things have turned out to be pretty simple. For example you don’t have to browse through state by state, instead what you can do is select the state where the person resides and look for the necessary details.

Marriage as well as divorce records are two individual matters of record. Both these records are preserved by the County. by going for a marriage record search, you can come to know whether the suspect has married or not. If yes, then you will also find associated information such as:
•    Year of marriage
•    Place of marriage
•    Name of the bride and groom
•    Age of the bride and groom
•    License number

With the help of a divorce record search, you can find information about whether the suspect is legally divorced or not. If yes, then you will also find associated information such as:
•    Place where the filing was made
•    Time when the filing was made
•    Name of the two parties engaged
•    Case numbers

In addition to those included above, you can also access important issues with the help of a divorce record search. These include:

•    domestic violence
•     restraining orders
•     child custody
•     property issues
•    other settlement issues
Be it a marriage record search or a divorce record search, it would be better to provide as much of information as possible. This information of yours will help you to get comprehensive results. For conducting general searches, information like Last Name, First Name, and Date of Birth or Last known address are enough. However, for targeted results you need to submit much more information. So carry out a marriage or divorce record search before you tie the knot with your prospective partner.

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