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A divorce certificate is a part of a divorce record. To be more specific, divorce records comprises of a divorce certificate and a divorce decree. It is defined as a public record and is usually filed at the Department of Health of a state and comprises of information pertaining to ex spouses.

Most people have a common belief that a divorce certificate and a divorce decree are similar to each other simply because both are grouped under divorce records. But this isn’t the truth and there and innumerable reasons that helps to mark the differences between the two.

A divorce certificate is same as any kind of vital document, say for example a marriage, birth or death certificate. Each document provides fundamental demographic information pertaining to their owners together with topic-specific details pertaining to the event. In case of a divorce certificate, the names of the two parties engaged in the divorce are included. Apart from these, a divorce certificate may also include information like the place and date of the divorce settlement.

Now the question is, “What are the avenues through which you can get hold of a copy of a divorce certificate?” Read on to know the step by step instruction…

To begin with there are innumerable websites from where you can get the needed information but then you need to look for one that provides you accurate information. This approach of looking for a reliable website is indeed a challenging job and you on your part need to do a good research work.

It would be unwise on your part to sit relaxed after sorting out a couple of reliable websites. Why? Well, if you visit a good website you will find that the information is state specific. In that case, you need to find and choose your state. For this, you need to type in your address or obtain the address of the suspect (if you want to get hold of someone else’s divorce certificate).

Make sure that the information you provide is complete and accurate. Some of the major information you need to provide are as follows:

•    Date if divorce
•    Place or state of divorce
•    First, middle and last name of the husband and wife

Divorce records comprising of divorce certificate and divorce decree can come to your help in a number of cases like establishing relationship or identity, applying for a marriage license, background research and genealogy research.

Verification or expert advice is generally essential if you want to get hold of divorce records of some other person. Carrying out an online search for divorce certificate is possibly the best option. There are two options at your hand when it comes to an online search, i.e. you can either conduct the search on your own or you can hire experts for the same. The only difference between the two is that by carrying out the search on your own you can save much of your money whereas you need to pay an amount as fees if you hire the services of some professional.

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