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A mugshot is the photograph of a person’s face that is made for police records. The mug shot is also called a booking photograph portrait that is taken after one is arrested.  These photographs are taken immediately after the arrest of the offender. The main objective of the mugshot is to allow the law enforcement agencies to maintain photographic records of the arrested individual for the purposes of identification by victims and other legal investigators.

The mug shots that are taken are two-part photographs with one side view and one front view portrait. They serve as vital photo evidence in court cases. Nowadays, mug shots are digital images that can also be stored in a digital database. They are also kept in the case audit log for the purpose of legal reference and research. For the purposes of face recognition in court cases and other legal purposes, human facial appearance is the very common and reliable method of judging the identity of a person. This is the reason why most of the existing police biographical databases contain photographs in addition to other details like the height of the person, weight, hair and the eye color etc. For the purpose of quick and instant verification mugshots are ideal. They are less complicated and they provide instant identification of the person who has been arrested.

When searching for mugshots online , the arrest images contain the photographs of the person along with associated details like the time and the date of the arrest. The arrest records and the mugshots are updated on a regular basis. When you need to search for crime and arrest information you need to log in to a comprehensive site that will give you instant access to the type of criminal record you are searching for. With the help of an extensive search site you can get information on mugshot images from the privacy of your home successfully. You can get both State and County records and with the help of this single platform you can get this information in minutes. You no longer have to waste time and energy to get access to these mugshots.

A mugshot search also helps you to save the cost of hiring a private detective. These searches can be done conveniently from any place without the knowledge of the person. These images contain the first and the last name of the person, the last known residence and conviction details. You need to log into the database and fill in the search fields and get the information that you need. The sites that you access are very easy to navigate and you do not need to be technically sound to search for records. A search can just take a few minutes of your time and in the case of background checks they are very reliable and accurate to depend upon.

The above mugshot searches are very helpful to legal professionals and other law enforcement officials. They serve as concrete evidence and they are also very beneficial for criminal court case investigation.

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