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A police record is a written record of the statements that are made by a person/persons who file a complaint in a police station. This record carries utmost importance in any complaint or legal proceeding and thus is considered to be a very important and crucial document. In addition in the above information, the police report also contains an elaborate summary of the police officer’s observations, thoughts, opinions and any other statements that had been made by the other people that had also been involved in the given situation.

Importance of a Police Report:

In law a police report is the most important document that is reviewed when a person has been charged with the violation of crime. The courts of law deeply bank upon on the evidence of this report that is claimed by the police officer. It is also the main starting point for the verification procedure of any statement that has been made, any nature of observation of behavior, impressions and nature of the impressions of the witnesses that the police officer takes important note of in the case.

The police reports generally cover accidents, domestic violence, DUI, DWI, vandalism, traffic accidents, thefts, shoplifting, fire, burglary, stalking, assault and other crimes and offenses. If you are looking for a specific police report of any state or city you can resort to the convenient online searches that enable you to get the information that you are looking for.

When you are on the search for a police report you can search with either the first or the last name of the person, address, the date of birth, license plate number etc., These searches are online searches that can be done through the internet from the comforts of any place. The benefits of a police report search is that you can avail the information of any State. City or county from a single resource base that is safe and confidential too. The police report searches are accurate accounts and they are updated on a regular basis. They are public records that are legally accessible by the public and of immense benefit to lawyers, law enforcement officers and individuals.

If you are looking for the specific police report of a particular place all you need to do is get access to a reliable online database that gives you the advantages of quick and instant online searches from a single source. You do not have to personally visit any courthouse for getting access to these reports as they can now be obtained from the comforts of your home without hassles!