Importance of pre employment background check

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An organization stand on the feet of employers and employees are its backbone. This is the reason why the hiring process of employees, must be well judged by the employers. The selection procedure of the company should be very strong and strict which also include pre-employment background check. Previous employment history of an employee is nothing that violates the privacy of that employee because this is now a common process followed in every company. Companies always desire of a good employee but it is hard to find people whom you can trust and depend upon. The quality of employee not only includes good qualification and potentiality but to have a good past. This is because good employee is the strength of the company.

You may have the question that what is pre-employment background check. It’s nothing but a former checking of an employee going to be hire by you. If an employer hire employee on appearance explicitly without proper screening, it’s quite a risk for the company. Some checks should be done in an erstwhile like- performance in previous project, educational qualifications, criminal record, and reasons for switch over the job, family and financial background.

Noteworthy, former screening of an employee is important before hiring. This avoids the company from lawsuit and piracy error. Former checking of the employment process also includes the screening of background checks, drug testing, and psychometric testing.

Some more important and basic thing you need to know about your employee before hiring. It’s quite acceptable that an employee try to keep the privacy in personal life. So nothing to know more about personal life but the works history and past should be well-judged before hire an employee.

The types of pre-employment background check which must be included in the hiring process of a company are:

Checking Criminal records:
Person related with illegal work or having any criminal records can be inadequately effective for the company, its reputation, secrecy and good-will. The process of criminal history checking in hiring process of a company varies in different states. As there is a variation, it is suggested to consult with a lawyer or can make research on the law of individual’s state before putting hand on criminal past of an employee. Moreover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) offers-

  • FBI criminal history checks for employment and licensing
  • FBI checks on employees of banks and related entities
  • FBI services for business.

Checking Credit report:
FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), under this act employee must give written consent to the employer before seeking employee’s credit report. On the basis of the credit report employer decide not to hire that person then employer need to give a copy of the report to the employee.

Checking bank records:
Here bank records doesn’t mean bank balances, it mean bankruptcies. This is a public record and appears on an individual’s credit report.

Checking school records:
School records are very confidential. This is not provided to any body without the consent of the student.  But this is also important for an employer to know the school background, with the educational certificates of an employee.

Checking of these records of an employee is very important, although to make a strong decision employer must check some other records like- medical records, military services, lie detector test and many more.  These are the reasons why pre-employment background check is considered for!