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Criminal background reports are a part of the public records. By federal law any data that is collected, processed and maintained by the government must be accessible by the public except for very sensitive data related to national security and defense and some court proceedings disclosure of which can jeopardize the security of the nation or a statesman or may interrupt the proceedings of a case and make the witnesses vulnerable. Any data regarding an individual available with the government constitute public records. Criminal background records are public records related to criminal charges, arrests and convictions.

As said before U.S. Federal Law in its effort to seek the ideals of fair governance, proclaims that every individual has a right to access the public records. However every state has its own constitution and Legislation regarding criminal background records. Exactly how much information is available to the public differs from state to state. This is because in spite of the Federal Law it is not universally considered that making criminal background reports available publicly in their entirety is always fair. Certain records are even being looked at these days as violation of human rights.

It is debatable that opening up the public records actually ensures fairness. This can in fact be detrimental to the security and social respect of a person. It can make both very young and elderly people as well as people with disabilities vulnerable. The information can let people with selfish goals manipulate them in order to gain their scrupulous ends. It also makes the process of social forgiveness of crime impossibility.

At the same time criminal background records have a lot of utility as well. They can be used to determine whether an applicant for a job is a safe choice. Knowing the criminal background of a person can allow employers to determine whether the applicant is safe enough for the organization and its people. This is especially true in the case of any job involving a proximity to children and elderly people like jobs at schools and homes for the elderly. It is also necessary to check the antecedents of a person coming to work at a household like a janitor, a nurse, a babysitter, or a nanny. When an employee of a company uses the authority associated with the position to make unscrupulous gains the company becomes liable for the actions as well and can be prosecuted legally. Recently companies have been very heavily hit by such cases. As a result such searches are being made more and more mandatory.

Why do background reports essential?

It is especially important to know the criminal background of an applicant while giving employment in a Federal agency and very thorough and detailed searches involving many days and even months until the agency is question is satisfied that the applicant in concern is fit to serve in that department. More the amount of sensitive data that the department and specifically the applicant handle more thorough the search must be. Such searches are needed for the safety of the entire nation.