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A police record is a type of public record that can be viewed by the public for the purposes of background checks and screening the criminal history of a person. It is not the same as a criminal record that contains more information than the latter. The criminal record of a person will only show the convictions of a person whereas the police record contains more elaborate information that pertains to the person. A police record is created when you are actively involved with the police at any time.

A police record may be created in certain common situations. When a person has not been charged or convicted of any offence but subject to a simple questioning procedure by the police, the police authorities may generate a police record in the name of the person. A police record can also be made if the police take you to hospital and transfer you between hospitals.

A police record search is normally resorted to individuals and organizations for both professional and professional reasons. There are many companies who conduct a police record search on any applicant that is applying for a job. There are also many voluntary agencies that also conduct these police record searches before they hire the services of any person in order to look after children or other vulnerable persons.

Police record searches come under the category of criminal record searches and they can be easily accessed online. You do not have to go to the concerned police station to get access to these records and waste both time and money. You can get access to both State and County police record searches from a single source. These police records are updated on a regular basis and they are accurate and reliable sources of data that you can genuinely bank upon for conducting background searches on any stranger. In addition to this you can also verify the past of any person successfully.

For conducting a police record search you just need to select a reliable database and fill in the details. The search is conducted instantly and you get the desired results from the comforts of any place. It is wise and prudent to conduct a police record search in order to protect you and your family against any potential threats from a predator. These are quick and fast searches and they should be resorted before you enter into dealings with or hire the services of any unknown person.