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It is common for people to make the assumption that what happens in a courtroom is completely private; but in reality, Court Records are considered public information in many cases. Whether you’re an employer verifying a candidate or simply a person in need of information, it’s important that you know the majority of court records can be accessed without much of a hassle.

When you perform a background check on someone, you should realize how extensive the process of public records searching really is. provides you with access to a comprehensive database of public records, which we believe to be one of the premier  services on today’s market. To offer high value to our customers, our database must access the records of thousands of court systems across the United States. Although the process may be extensive, strives to offer the most exhaustive list of court records. More importantly, our aim and mission is to do so in a manner that is quick and effective for our customers.

Our experts at have researched the qualities you need in a court records service, in an effort to provide you with access to the best court records system among the many online services. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering our company is that we provide you with the quality information you need, and it is provided at an affordable rate. The court records service at presents this essential quality at its finest.

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  • Results. We’ve heard complaints from our customers that some services may not really deliver the detailed results they’re looking for. The simple fact is that, without results, a court records service is utterly and entirely useless. At, you can be assured that we deliver the results you need. When using the Court Records service, our customers can expect to received detailed results about the people they search for.
  • Information. Beyond our top-notch results, we hope that you will also consider as a resource. We have prepared information not only to help you with your court records search, but also to inform you about public records in general. The valuable information on our website ranges from articles to tips to FAQ.
  • See our Frequently Asked Questions about court records below:

Frequently Asked Questions about court records

What information can I expect to get from a court records search?
Different court records search companies provide different results. For example, some companies will only list the courts that contain results for your particular search. If they only list the courts, then it is up to you to contact those courts on your own to obtain records. Other searches will provide those records for you, at least in part. Some will provide details from the records while others will merely contain cursory information.

Why is a court records search important?
As in all background check searches, the court records search can be used differently by different people. For example, some people use the court records search when during the hiring process in order to find out more information about a person’s court record. Others search the court records for personal information about someone that they are considering marrying. For example, you might want to verify that your future spouse has not been married before or does not have any criminal offenses that you are unaware of.

What makes a good court records search site?
In order to determine if the court records service provider is delivering results that you can use, it is important that you first determine what kind of results you need. For example, you might want to perform just a simple search if you just want to know about whether or not a person has a court record. Or, if you want more detailed information, it is important that you use a search site that will provide you with information that is detailed in the way that you want it to be.

By using our court records here at, you will gain a better understanding about the usefulness of court records while getting the results you need from a top-quality court records service.

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