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For some reasons, you may want to know the person who owns a certain phone number. Perhaps you had a cell phone number of a person whom you had a casual conversation with but forgot what his name was. Or it could be from a number you happen to discover on your spouse’s address book. You may also want to know the owner of a cell phone number who constantly annoys you by making unnecessary calls or missed calls. You might have received calls from somebody who extorts money and threatens to harm you or your family. In cases like these, a cell phone number search is extremely useful. One way to accomplish this is to reverse lookup a cell phone number.

Unlike landline numbers which can be easily tracked down, cell phone numbers are very difficult to pinpoint because of privacy issues. Because cell phones numbers are not publicly available, one has to resort to random searches that seldom give positive results. Sometimes they just won’t work because no public databases are maintained to keep all the cell phone numbers from all the subscribers. But with the advent of social networking sites, cell phone numbers are becoming more open to the public. Some social networking sites would require mobile numbers from account users where they can send confirmation or activation codes for their social networking account. Stray numbers in blog sites can also be tracked down by search engines.

You may wonder why cell phone numbers cannot be found in public databases. For one thing, it keeps the subscribers from being constantly bothered unnecessarily by commercial and marketing ads. Ads coming from your cell phone network are already a source of irritation. What would happen if every people on earth can find your number? That would mean changing your cell phone number over and over again just to avoid these unwanted calls or text messages.

In some countries that use SIM card or subscriber identity module, numbers can be changed quickly and easily. They are being sold like pancakes in practically any store. This makes tracing numbers even more difficult since there are no traceable documents that go with the SIM card. However, there are also some mobile companies that store these numbers along with the personal information that goes with it – your name and address. This information is included on the contract which the subscriber agrees when he signs the contract.

Some websites are finding ways to circumvent privacy issues by requiring user accounts to include their cell phone numbers. Only by agreeing with the terms and conditions can the user be registered successfully to the site. He might as well be required to provide some information which includes phone numbers and other personal information. Other sites will also try to acquire cell phone number of subscribers from private mobile phone companies at a certain fee. Buyers must also provide personal information to avoid misuse of these databases and if any violation was made, they can easily be prosecuted.