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How to Find birth Records Online?

Our researcher work hard to review dozens of birth records search sources that are available online.

Birth records searches are popular background check tools and genealogy search tools. By performing a simple birth records search, you can not only find out if someone you know has a child, but you can also trace your family lineage by tracking down the birthdays of your ancestors. Keep in mind that birth records searches will also provide the names of the parents that are on the birth certificate of someone that you are looking for. As such, you’ll be able to easily trace a family line.

For more information about birth records searches and how you might use them, read our Frequently Asked Questions:

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What information do I need to do a birth records search?

Most people start with basic information when they perform a birth records search. For example, if you only have a person’s name, then you can perform a search using just the name. Keep in mind that the more information you have about a person, the more accurate the results will be. For example, if you do a search for someone that has the same name as someone else (which is more common than you might think), you want to be sure that you have information about the person’s age and location so that you can filter out all the extra people that come up in your search.

What are the most common reasons that people do birth records searches?

People do birth records searches for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons for doing a birth records search is when people are trying to trace their genealogy. If you have the name of a grandparent, for example, you can find out what his parents’ names were, what their parents’ names were and so forth. Because most Americans have a birth certificate, searching the birth records will help to establish a clear line of lineage.

How accurate are the birth records searches?

Your birth records search is most accurate when you have multiple pieces of information about a person. For example, it’s always a good idea to try to track down information about a person’s date of birth, place of birth, and social security number in addition to the person’s name. By using multiple sources of information, you will be able to ensure the accuracy of the search.

Also, results from the search can vary in terms of overall completeness based on which search service you use. Take time to review our top picks for birth records search services in order to find the company that provides the kind of results that you are looking for.

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