How to use Public Records to be a Private investigator Online?

Search Full Public Records: Find Records Instantly
Results May Include:
First name:
Last name:
Full Name
Age, Sex and other relevant details
Current & Past Phone Numbers & Addresses
Marriage Records
Police, Arrest, Courts and Criminal records
Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
Business and Property records
Other relevant documentation

The biggest tool for someone who wants to be a Professional Private investigator is the use of Public Records Data. The Freedom of Information Act states now states that as from 1966 Public records and documents held by the United States Government are allowed to be fully or partial disclosed to United States Residents.

In the new age of technological innovations, mainly the internet this information can now be accessed online. This is ideal for Professional Private Investigators who can easily and effectively find most if not all of the required information they need prior to infiltration and observation of a Person.

Here are the Top 3 tips to becoming a Private Investigator Online

  1. Find information on someone through Search Engines. The Person you want information on might have some information on a profile page of a Social Networking site like Facebook or Myspace. You might not be able to get every piece of information on someone but it might help and give you the starting blocks. Also use the information you find from place to place. Example a telephone number or an address to carry out a new search in the search engine and see what you find. You may get the information you want by piecing parts together from different searches you run. As a result you may find even the most personal information for some people.
  2. If the Person owns any Websites or Blogs they are likely to have information on their domain WHOIS lookup. Click this link  – WHOIS LOOKUP.
  3. Find an online Public Records database and run Background checks on the information you already have. You can do this by typing the phrase “Background Checks” or “Public Records” into the Search engine box. Use the top 10 sites on the first page.