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When someone performs a criminal background check on either himself or herself or another person, whether that person is an employee, a potential employee or a friend, they often wonder what type of information is going to show up on the background report.

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When a criminal background check is done, the following information is going to show up on the report:

• Felonies, misdemeanors, sex crimes, etc.
• 20 years of addresses and phone numbers and details
• National arrests and court warrants
• Federal and state tax liens
• Federal and civil judgments
• Federal and state bankruptcies
• Any distinguishing body marks like moles, scars, tattoos, etc.
• List of all known relatives including addresses and phone numbers
• Any previous roommates or associates
• Your age and date of birth
• Any alias’ and maiden names
• Possible past neighbors
• Any property ownership
• Marriages and divorces
• License information including driver’s license and work licenses

The list above is not all-inclusive, but should give you a good idea of what types of information are going to show up on a criminal background check. This information is not going to be contained to a certain state, when a criminal background check is done; it is a nationwide criminal background check.
So if you were convicted of a DUI in Florida and the DUI has not been expunged from your record, it will continue to show up until you get it expunged from your criminal record. Not all crimes can be expunged from a criminal record, such as a murder conviction.

Is the information Correct?

The information that is contained in a criminal record is not just going to go away on its own over time and it is also important to know that often times the information that has been entered into a criminal record may be incorrect.
When a person has been convicted of a crime, there will be any number of people entering information into that person’s criminal record and 9 times out of 10, there will be no one verifying the information was entered correctly before it is uploaded to a person’s criminal record.
So if at any time in your life, you have been arrested and convicted of a crime, you have a criminal record and you owe it to yourself to check your criminal record by performing a nationwide criminal background check on yourself to see what has been recorded on your criminal record.

The most common feature of a background check is the criminal history of a person. This criminal history report is vital to big businesses, most especially if the person is applying for a job. Information included in the background check are crimes committed by the individual, if any, the period of time the individual stayed in jail, probation, or if the individual was ever released in parole. The most accurate source of information is obtained from highly regarded background check companies or those with direct contact from state officials.

Individuals can choose from different options when it comes to criminal background checks. Some records are available for free on state government websites and also in government offices. But all state governments do not allow access to the public on criminal records as very few governments offer these records online. In the meantime, some websites offer free criminal background checks as well. More detailed information is offered by private companies for a minimal fee. And there are other private investigators who offer these services for fee on their respective websites. Another best way to get a free criminal background check is through the office of the sheriff or even the courthouse referring to the questionable person.

What Are the disadvantages?

There is however a disadvantage in getting free criminal background checks as these are not detailed and complete. These free check reports will let the person know about the basic details about an individual. A free criminal background check will be able to answer if the said individual is a criminal or even a sex offender. These criminal background checks also provide information about birth date, death and marriage records, and addresses relating to the individual.

For a free criminal background check, it is important that the following information are always available like the name of the person, birth date, address, Social Security Number or SSN, country of origin and the person’s inhabitance. If this information is available in the free criminal background check, one may pay to obtain more comprehensive details of a person for further criminal background check.

These free reports explore primary records and therefore would be helpful in case of future litigation. Information that you may find in a free criminal background check include birth, criminal records, death and marriage records, records of sexual offender, as well as the copyright and trademark records.

Criminal background checks are complex and an individual has to be more cautious while acquiring free criminal background check. These check reports retrieves information about people in public and in the personal domain. Therefore, some companies that offer free criminal background checks may be intruding one’s privacy and may be defying other federal laws.

Errors Found In Criminal Background Checks

I found errors in my criminal record when I performed a background check on myself, now what?

If you found errors in your criminal record when you ran your criminal background check, it is up to you to have these errors corrected, no one else is going to do it for you.

A criminal record is a lot like your credit file in this instance. The information in your credit file may contain errors an erroneous information and this information will remain incorrect until you change it.

The same thing applies to a criminal record, it is up to you question the information that has been recorded to your criminal record and get it corrected if it is not right. So if the court recorded something that is incorrect, you need to contact the court of conviction and request that this information be corrected.
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