What Shows Up In An Employment Background Check?

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What Is An Employment Background Check?

An Employment Background Check is done to evaluate a prospective employee’s background history that includes their financial records, commercial records and criminal records for a job position that is ‘sensitive’, requires security and which needs to scrutinize the applicant completely before accepting them as a successful applicant. Most high-profile jobs require a clear assessment of the applicant’s employment as well as behavioral history. An employee’s actions or behavior can have a direct impact on the hiring company and other employees.

What Shows Up Within An Employment Background Check Report?

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Educational records show up information such as degrees, certifications, GPA, dates of graduation and attendance along with majors studied, awards and honors received. It may include the institutions as well.

Sex Offender Registry Database Checks whether the individual has ever been convicted of a sex crime or offense before.

Criminal and civil courts’ records, like gov records, may show up if the individual has ever committed a felony, misdemeanor or any other crime. Any infraction information may also be included within the reports. Any outstanding warrants may also show up on the report.

Driving records may show up if the applicant has ever made any traffic violations with its complete details, any unpaid fines, failures to appear in court when required and the individual’s driver license status.

Social Security Number Records Check can verify if the person who claims a particular identity is the same as mentioned on the application form. It may include personal details such as date of birth, name, residential address, contact details and so on. It may also verify the date when the Social Security Number was issued, whether it is valid and the place where it was issued.

Most importantly, Past Employment Background Records History will include the applicants previous job titles, previous companies worked with, the duration he/she worked with each company, probable salaries drawn within each past job position, contact details of past employers, reason(s) for leaving each job and eligibility for re-hire at other companies will be included within the Employment Background Checks Report. This is critical to hiring a prospective applicant for every company.

Remember, if you’re an applicant, your past records may/may not affect your application depending on the breach that you created in the past few years. If the breach does not have a direct impact on your job position, you can consider your application to be safe.

Remember, if you’re a prospective employer, you must take prior written approval from the applicant by asking them a fill a form to conduct a background check on them otherwise you can be sued for the same by the prospect. Professional Employment Background Check Services such as the ones offered by People Records can help employers quickly scan through professional background check reports of prospective employees without much effort.

What Do Employers Look For In A Background Check?

An Employment Background Check is done by employers to find any possible discrepancies in the past / present behavior & mindset of the applicant that is being scrutinized by obtaining comprehensive information from a variety of independent sources. Educational institutions, government agencies, past employers, criminal courts and civil courts are the independent sources which store complete databases of information from which professional background check sites like “People Records” synchronize information all at one place. If an employee is faking information while applying for a job, an employee background check can help verify the claims as fake. Employers want to know whether the prospective candidate is not suitable for the job position.

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