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When you are asked a certain question about your background check report, you can definitely give a frank and honest explanation of your side of the real story that led to a potential problem. You can freely talk about it as employers like to hire only those who are honest enough. Any false claims made by an applicant can lead him/her to be disqualified immediately for the position as employers have a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy about false claims. Importantly, most employers would understand why a particular problem occurred in your life while considering the time-frame when it occurred and whether a problem does really have any effect for the job being offered. After all, ‘to err is human’. Remember, ‘honesty is always the best policy’. If you lie or hide the real facts and the employers get a hint, you will be disqualified for the position on offer immediately. If you aren’t sure about anything, let them know that you have a rough estimate but don’t lie at all costs.

Most importantly, it is essential that an applicant has a copy of his/her own employment background check report. If not, one must conduct a background check report before one submits an application for a job position to a prospective employer. offers a pre employment background records check screening facility apart from a free employment records check facility which an applicant can use.

What is checked in a background check?

What all you could have before you apply:

Driving Records Check: Get your self a copy of your driving records or MVR. Verify it for accuracy.
Criminal Background Records Check: If in case, you’re criminal records has been wiped out or edited, all you must do is confirm the same by checking the court records so as to make sure it’s the same.
Credit Report Check: You could keep a copy of your credit report; verify it to make sure it’s accurate. If it isn’t, contact the credit bureau for further information. Also, the FCRA has limitations on who can view an individual’s credit history.
Employment Records Check: The ‘Social Security Administration’ keeps a track of your work history and if in case you need to reconstruct your work history, you can contact them.
School Records: You must contact your post high-school administrators and verify the educational records.

Medical Records are private records and aren’t touched by background check companies, unless you’ve granted permission to them to do so.

Also, keep a check of your online records of what has been spoken about you on the web, check your profile on a social network such as facebook & myspace, go through your blogs and verify everything before you apply.

While going through the employment background check reports; employers look for any discrepancies, lies or negative reports such as a bad criminal history that can severely affect a prospect’s chances of gaining a job offer. Certainly, it is done to make sure that the person is good enough to be hired for the position. Always remember that it is mandatory for an employer to provide the prospect with a copy of his/her own background check report by law if he/she has been turned down due to the same. If it’s the case, verify the same as well.

Lastly if you have any references that you would be using, let them know that your prospective employer may call them to verify that you are a safe person to deal with.
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