How To Conduct A Nanny Background Check?

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What is a Nanny Background Check?

Generally nanny background checks are done to evaluate a prospective nannies character, whether the nanny is a responsible individual who can consciously take care of children without harming them. At the same time, it is incredibly essential to know a nannies criminal records history by performing a criminal background check on the nanny.

How To Conduct A Nanny Background Check?

Firstly, when you’ve found a nanny through the internet or through a newspaper / magazine ad, make sure you ask for their bio-data. It would include their basic details such as their Full Name (First & Last), Date Of Birth, Address, Home Phone #, Previous Work Experience and educational background. Just in case, a friend of yours has referred you a nanny, it would still be better if you would ask for at least 2 – 3 past work references along with their bio-data so as to conduct a pre employment background check screening process.

The F.C.R.A. (Federal Credit Reporting Agency) and other federal / state agencies have made it mandatory for employers to obtain written permission that is duly signed from potential nannies before they are being screened for a pre employment background check. This is because nannies get a chance to remove any errors recorded on their background check records. These errors may have taken place due to any bureaucratic public record mistakes or a case of mistaken identity. Moreover most employers, educational institutions and governmental agencies won’t provide any verifiable information unless and until a prospective nanny has agreed to permit you to perform a background check.

Indeed if you don’t follow the rules laid out by the federal agencies, they could impose a hefty fine on you. Other than that, the prospective applicant applying for the job of being a nanny to your child can file a suit against you for performing a background check on them without their consent.

Since 9/11, it has become mandatory for employers to check whether they are hiring ‘safe’ and ‘responsible’ nannies that could effectively take care of their younger children while they as parents are not around. Therefore it has become important to check whether the prospective nanny has a criminal background record’s history that could severely affect their chances of safeguarding children. You could even check the local police website for further details.

Moreover, if you may want your kids to go out and have fun while you are out of the town, you may want to know whether the nanny has a driving license. If the nanny does have a driving license, you may want to conduct a driving records check on the nanny and see if they committed any accidents or crimes while driving. Not only that, it’s equally important to verify that the nanny has never committed a sex offense before so as to make sure that your children wont be sexually exploited by the prospective employee.

A nanny has to be a person who can understand your children well enough so it is imperative for you to see to it that your prospective employee is mentally stable, emotionally sound and a responsible caretaker. If they are faking information, a background check can be highly useful to verify their claims. Therefore, performing a pre employment background check on your nanny through a professional employment background check agency such as is highly essential.
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