How Do I Conduct A Free Background Check Of A Person I Know?

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What Is A Free Background Check?
A free background check is one where an individual can access public property records, public criminal records, public employment records, public sex offender databases, public driving records and any kind of personal information of a person they know without paying any amount of money. If you see an ad that says “Get A FREE Background Check”, most probably it’s a free preliminary search. It’s not free as it will ask you to pay a certain worthwhile amount to check their records which may possibly be in detail and better than a FREE Background Check Record.
In case, you’re a company looking forward to screen a prospective business partner / employee, hiring a professional employment background check screening company like which is credible, knowledgeable and experienced with State & Federal F.C.R.A. (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance laws can be highly effective.
Moreover, the Department of Labor and the Securities Exchange Commission lays steep financial penalties on companies that do not follow rules laid down by them when conducting a background check. Companies have to take permission of prospective employees by asking them to fill a form before conducting an employee background check otherwise applicant’s can sue companies and ask for a financial compensation in return.
To know whether the person you know is credible enough or clean enough to deal with, a free background check is conducted. Mostly it is done to verify that the person in question isn’t a fraud.
What Is The Difference Between A Paid Background Check And Free Background Check?
Professional background check services have better access to in-depth information regarding a person’s financial, legal, criminal, professional, education, genealogical and other records than FREE databases.
Many a times, they have sample reports to show prospective clients of what would be included in a criminal background check apart from a comprehensive background check. Thus, you have an idea of what would be included in a background check.
Also, you get all information at one place. So, if you’re short of time, it may be a better deal to pay for a background check rather than conduct a free background check your self.
How To Conduct A Free Background Check?
If you know the person, then all you require to do is conduct a web search on their name with Google or even social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc and find their details such as their birth date and phone #. In case, you can’t find it, all you could do is get a little friendlier with them and ask them their date of birth. If they question you, let them know that you would like to mark their birthday on your calendar. Be smart, Be creative. Make sure you verify their exact full name and not an alias before you get ahead in performing a background check.

Once that is done, check the National Sex Offender Registry to see if the person has ever committed a sex crime before. To check whether a person has ever committed a financial, civil or internet related crimes; one can check using the Inmate Search available at the Federal Bureau of Prison’s website which has updated records since 1982. One can even check the local police website, County Databases and State Court Databases to see whether the person has committed a crime. Most importantly, social networking sites can give you detailed information regarding a person’s character though professional background check screening companies provide comprehensive information in an organized format which even includes property records at times.
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