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Since the online amendment to the FOIA was put into place it has been relatively easy to get access to background checks online, there is a multitude of public records that you can access with a wide variety of methods on the internet alone. These vary from paid checks done by professional companies for you, to free public records directories and online records from police departments concerning warrants and the like.

Free background Checks sources

Third party directories – these are a nice idea, but in actuality they aren’t the best way to be sure that the results you are getting are accurate, in most cases these are run by volunteers and are non for profit organisations this translates to sloppy work in most cases. The problem isn’t the aptitude of the people running these directories, it is simply the amount of time they have to dedicate to them, the problem is that public records are constantly changing and in most cases it is rather important that background checks are completely comprehensive.

Online police records – these are maintained to some extent as there is a department which deals with keeping these up to date, there is the downside that the police departments are busy and they don’t have the time to spend updating every little bit of information, oddly enough when it comes to arrest warrants it is pretty easy to find them online and the third party directories are often better than the police department.

These free sources do require somewhat of a do it yourself attitude, the problem is that these free sources aren’t going to gather all the information and display it in a nice concise document for you. If you don’t mind checking every piece of information that you want a second time, assuming you don’t mind doing it all the first time then this might not be a terrible way to go about doing a background check. This is assuming that you don’t have any requirements for which you need a professional background check.

Paid Background Checks Sources

These tend to be pretty damn good; well you’d expect them to be, after all this is how they make their living. If you want an accurate background check then this is the best alternative, it is also a requirement in some cases, for insurance and such things where a company needs to prove that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the people they are employing are correctly screened. These will get you every last bit of information that you could possibly need. Some of these sites will give you instant results and they will dig up just about everything you could possibly need to know, previous names, property ownerships, criminal records, phone numbers, family members and even things like dates of birth and such.

So before doing any online background checks make sure that you consider what your exact needs are, if you’re simply checking up on somebody who you don’t think is who they say they are then you’re probably going to be fine doing it yourself and you don’t have to spend a penny, on the other hand if you need something in the corporate world then the best plan of action is probably to fork out a few dollars and let the professionals do their job.

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