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When it comes to getting your background checks done offline you have an even bigger range of options, so much so that the entire process can be a little bit daunting and streamlining it is pretty much impossible short of hiring somebody else to do it, but odds are if you’re doing this sort of thing offline then you are trying to save a bit of cash. There is however one major benefit to accessing public background information offline and that is the fact that you are more than likely going to get more accurate information. The best information is always gathered from hard copies.

Where will you need to go to complete a full background check online step by step, if you want to do things this way you will need to be prepared to call a lot of people and or visit a lot of different places. This isn’t the end of the world if you don’t mind doing the grunt work mind.

Public Health Office – this is where you will find public records containing dates of birth, marriage and death certificates and the like, the issues that you will have in getting these records vary from state to state and in some cases you will be unable to obtain data unless you are the person in question, next of kin or have expressed written consent to gather the information.

Police Department – rather obviously this is where you will find information regarding criminal records, police reports and arrest warrants, you probably wont have any problems finding out if there is a warrant for an arrest on a person or even checking up on a persons criminal record for a fee, however police reports aren’t quite so easy, you can have a great deal of difficulty obtaining copies of criminal records containing your own information never mind somebody else’s, police departments have been known to be more than a little bit cagey with giving out this sort of information especially if it doesn’t show them in a favourable light.

District Court – for court records you will have to go to your district court and visit their secretary, court records can be very useful in some cases although if somebody has not been convicted then you are legally obliged not to hold that against them although let’s be honest with ourselves, isn’t it better to be safe rather than sorry and just make up an excuse (just kidding).

Most of these records are only kept in local counties, but most departments can be reached by phone and if you fill out certain forms you can have these sorts of records mailed to your address assuming that you meet the criteria for obtaining these records. The biggest issue that you could have is likely to be the cost, it can work out far more expensive to access public records for background checks offline than it is to do so over the internet. So, if you’re based in the same town or at least state of the person you are checking up on this may be viable however if you are based out of state this could be biting off a bit more than you can chew, if this is the case then you’re best off doing this sort of thing online.