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Background check is no-longer a term or act which surprises us. This became very important in today’s market. Background check is the liberal process to get individual’s information. Employers share all type of vital information with employee and that is why almost all types of employers are conducting this investigation for the employees. Generally, the types of information depend upon the job, countries, companies and region. Strictness and period of the inspection varies according to the job. Process can be lengthy incase of jobs like cashier, looking after the assets of the company like manager, dealing with confidential databases, handling restricted areas in office… As this type job demands a truthful and valuable employee, employer hiring for all this post do the background check process.

Background check protect from the cunning jobseekers. This examine the character of an individual, else it can bring down the reputation of the company. So it is suggested that if you have any past records which can put your career in risk, be straight forward and confess that before the process of pre-checking starts. This is because background checks have that strength to bring your each past record which sometime you can also take lightly.

The background check follows some most important substances though its very common like-

Criminal act record: This check is one of the vital checking of an individual. This process of checking gives the history of any criminal act that a person had been involved in. Fortunately juvenile records are not a part of this check. Criminal background checks are done to evaluate whether you are trustworthy for the applied or offered job.

Education and pre-employment – an employer is hired for the various posts on the basis of educational qualification. Education is the job portal for each employee in a reputable post. So this is another important thing to verify whether the documentation and the pre-employment history (if any) are authentic or not. Fake certificates are common in the recent market. Each document should be checked thoroughly for their verification. Phony documentation is not being accepted. So it is always being wise to be honest about education. As false certificate can start a relation or career with the employer but it will not be long lasting. Even employers having the experience of jobs in some other post, country, and companies are also verified thoroughly. The reason for switch over, salary status, employee status and reputation etc are being verified by the new employers.

With these it includes medical history, address verification, credit report and driving history. These verifications will make the employer reliable towards you and the company.

Though there are many samples and process to do background checks but it differs from site-to-site, regions, states and companies. Some basic criteria which are compulsory in background checks are:

Name               Address           Subject Information                 Possible Aliases          phone numbers           Neighbors (records)                      Relative           Possible Property Ownership
Civil Court Records                 Criminal Records         Voter Registrations     Tax Liens and Judgments        UCC filling search Corporate Affiliation Search Result
Driver’s license verifications              Possible Employment History Mail drops
Schools            Bank and Credit Union            Law enforcement results

The criteria depends and obviously there are many more samples or criteria which are  included in the background checks.
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