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Background has performed consistent research on background check services to bring you the best in the business. At, we refuse to release our customers into the hands of sub par background check services, so we are now offering you the ability to access background checks directly from our website. The need to order background checks from multiple websites no longer exists – our website has successfully compiled the background check data you need through a single, accessible database. We identify with the value of your investment, so we ensure that our customers can access quick and precise background check records.

What’s special about people records service?

  • Ability to deliver comprehensive and exhaustive results all in one place
  • Turnaround speed
  • Facility to narrow our search using multiple criteria including names, social security and other personal details
  • A variety of pricing options to meet varying budgets and requirements
  • Additional services like phone support and assistance
  • Using these measures, we are now able to provide the most relevant and complete results according to individual needs.

Your needs and concerns as our customers take priority at – here are answers to the questions that will likely be important during the background check process at

Is it Legal?

Yes! It is absolutely legal to access the public records for background search even if you do not have the consent of the person whose record you are searching.

How to do a Background Check?

It’s simple. At, we make the process of background checks quite easy. Performing the background check involves completing a short form and then submitting your information into the system we provide. However, there is some information you will need in order to begin.

If you would like to perform the most accurate background check possible, then you will need a person’s full name (including middle name), any aliases, a social security number, address, and date of birth. Having all of this information will help you cross-check the results against the person that you are searching so that you can be sure that the results are accurate.

However, most background check search services also offer additional search features, such as a reverse search. If, for example, you have a person’s cell phone number or license plate, but no other information, then you may be able to perform a search for the person’s name and address. From there, you can perform a more traditional background check search that will turn up results that are more accurate and comprehensive.


The entire system at is created to offer you a comprehensive resource for your background check needs.

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Whether you are a careful employer or a curious relative, our background check products will likely provide you with the best solution for any and all of your background check needs. On top of our standard background check services, also presents a unique product to supplement your searching – a people search tool including free preliminary results as well as free articles to aid in using the records you find from the background check.

Will Background Check tell me about more than one aspect of a person?

Yes. The service used by offers bundled features so that when you perform a background check search, you can locate results that are related to multiple aspects of a person’s life. Customers can expect the background check search to reveal information about a person’s work history, marriage or divorce history, criminal history, court history, place of residence history and much more. You may be able to access some basic information for free, such as the state or address of a person, or other data may be given free prior to the complete search.

What Shows Up In a Background Check; What Does a Background Check Consist Of?

The information you can retrieve will depend on what you are looking for. After records are located, you will be given the option to select information you would like to access. A complete background check will consist of a criminal and sex offender check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and other valuable information.

If you are an employer needing comprehensive background reports with every available detail included, from criminal records to military service, background check sites can fulfill your needs. Our experience with this system proves its capacity to deliver unlike any other, with an exhaustive database of sources and expert personnel building complete and high-quality results. After you access the records, you are free to take note of or use the background check according to legal standards.

How long does a Background Check take?

Our system at strives to offer a criminal background check service with a pleasing turnaround time, so you can expect our service to be quicker than others. The background check search process can be almost instant, but will vary depending on what kinds of records are needed for the background check and how much information the customer can initially provide.

What Shows Up in a Background Check Report?

The easiest  way to understand what’s available in a background check report is with an actual sample.

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Background Check Sample Report

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